Studio Internazionale is structured in working teams composed on the basis of the features and needs of the client and depending on the resources needed in order to provide the requested services on time and with the best quality achievable.

In order to ensure the constant availability and contact with our professionals, the partner in charge for the client selects at least one senior and one junior associate for each deal to allow their peers within the client’s company/structure to have a constant and productive direct exchange of information.

The professional activity is supported by certified procedures in order to guarantee the quality and continuity of the services in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Any professional of Studio Internazionale is selected according to tests, both technical and psychological, and becomes part of the Firm in view of a long-term relationship.

Studio Internazionale invests a great number of hours per year in technical and behavioral training, with the aim of building professionals with solid personality and high level skills.