Palazzo Cerasi was built in the seventeenth century by Cardinal Ottoboni, Duke of Fiano, for the benefit of his descendants. Later on, the ownership was transferred to the Boncompagni family. The facade is decorated with shields, dragons and shelves, which supports the balconies. Inside the courtyard, in a niche covered with a vault, there is a pleasant fountain, with a false perspective, with a statue of Diana the huntress.

Via del Babuino owes its name to the nickname (“Baboon”) that the Romans gave to the figure of a “Sileno” (which is a minor Greek god of the woods) placed, since the Renaissance epoch, on a very simple fountain located near Palazzo Cerasi (built as a watering place for horses). The nickname given to such figure is the result of the grinning face of the Sileno, which is now made even more grotesque by the wear of time.