Public tenders and contracts

Studio Internazionale provides its advisory services to enterprises participating at tenders issued by public institutions, in order to facilitate the submission of offers and the participation to competitive auctions.

Studio Internazionale also provides its assistance in the litigation phase for the appeal against any administrative judgement on public tenders and public contracts issues, defending the client also in arbitral proceedings.

Local public services

Studio Internazionale provides its advisory services in all the public services areas (transports, energy, water system, waste collection, gas for domestic use, etc.) with special reference to the planning activities at governance level, the setup and winding up of companies acting in such sectors and the preparation of notices for the selection of private partner or industrial partners.

Expropriation, building and city planning

Studio Internazionale provides its advisory services in the procedures of repossession of buildings and in any area related to the city building plan, with particular reference to the administrative activities of city planning and to the requests of building licenses.


Studio Internazionale provides legal and tax advisory activities to investment funds and EPC and O&M operators in the development, acquisition, financing and managing of electric energy production plants starting from renewable sources.