Studio Internazionale provides its services in all the Corporate and Commercial Law matters, both from an Italian and an international point of view, with primary reference to contracts and joint-ventures, extraordinary operations as mergers, spin offs and acquisitions, offering its advice to clients since the setup of the company until the winding up, managing through its professionals the liquidation phase.

The services of Studio Internazionale are also comprehensive of the judicial assistance in Court or in Arbitration proceedings in any commercial and corporate matter, with focus on the liability of the Directors and Statutory Auditors.

Bankruptcy law

Studio Internazionale offers its activities also in the area of bankruptcy law, both in Court and in extrajudicial proceedings, and in connection with the request to be acknowledged as creditors of any Italian and foreign bankruptcy proceeding. Studio Internazionale offers its support also in the management of any company’s crisis in order to find the best achievable solution for the client.

Banking law

Studio Internazionale provides its assistance both to banking and financial institutions in their respective areas, offering its clients with the specific services required in the several sectors of this particular branch of law. Indeed, Studio Internazionale gained a large experience through years in such branch of law, and also in the anti-laundering legislation.